Guardian of the Bridge;
Hashihime of Uji;
Headcanon: Alcohol to Powerloss ratio

It’s already been established that alcohol meddles with the effects of Parsee’s powers. Thus, it’s not unreasonable to think that alcohol can affect her directly, and that it’s quite possible that she can’t handle as much alcohol as an oni. However, by having mythological ties with oni, she’d likely retain some resilience to alcohol at the same time.

Thus, she is likely no light-weight, and is probably even able to hold her own when out drinking with others. However, her powers will become muddled and decrease the more alcohol she takes in. The strength of the alcohol in question likely helps or hinders how badly it messes with her head. 

She’s very likely to pass out when in a drinking scenario, but not from being drunk. She’s more likely to pass out from her powers screwing up and shorting out on her instead.

Is the Hashihime being cooperative tonight? No, no it doesn’t seem to be so.


[[You know what? The classification of the Hashihime, is both youkai (of the kijo variant) and deity (of the bridge orient). They are effectively both in terms of how folklore works. And even if forced to be separate, Parsee is definitely of the deity orient, considering the deity’s mythology is the only one of the two mythologies which properly fits her canon.

Now, Touhou doesn’t necessarily work along folklore lines, but it’s payed enough attention and detail to it that folklore’s definitions would still be in play.

Touhou’s human populace calls Parsee a Hashihime youkai. A youkai. Even though just calling her a Hashihime would have sufficed perfectly for what she was. It’s a very specific creature. There’s no need to put the youkai tag there, unless there’s a reason they need to go from pinning her as a very specific species to a broader one. 

That’s not the only creature they’ve done that with. Shinigami are also considered youkai for some reason, despite being known and acknowledged as death gods. 

Touhou has this nasty little habit of calling anything which isn’t human, and can’t be given faith in return for miracles or classified as a non-sentient cryptid, as a youkai. Specifically, it’s apparently a term tagged onto creatures which attack humans, and infact they consider a youkai which doesn’t attack humans to not be a youkai. 

Which makes a little bit more sense, as both Hashihime and Shinigami are perceived to attack humans in one way or another, whether it be out of disrespect or envious fits, or in the Shinigami’s case to take souls to Higan (even though that isn’t true by Touhou standards, but the humans believe it).

But even the benevolent ones which don’t attack humans, like zashiki-warashi, they still consider to be youkai. And they don’t attack humans, so they shouldn’t really need to be given that term, since they don’t fall under the ‘attacks humans’ classification requirement.

So at this point, I’m fed up with trying to classify what the hell a Hashihime is supposed to be in terms of Touhou’s creature classifications. For now.

So until further notice, the classification of ‘youkai’ is probably purely up to whimsical human bias. If it’s not human or a particularly beneficial god for the populace, then they are very likely classify it as a youkai, even if it doesn’t fit their supposed definitions of what a youkai is.]]


The girl on the bridge. By ryosios. The Nico Seiga title is “The Bridge People No Longer Cross.”

frozenfairy whispered:
"Well I just did." *Reaches out to touch Parsee's neck with her cold hand*


Parsee promptly makes to swat the fairy’s hand away before it gets close, and flees underneath the bridge. She wasn’t going to deal with this. She was tired.

"Don’t you dare. Go home."

frozenfairy whispered:
"Hey Parsee, are you sleepy?"

"That’s not something you ask someone out of the blue."

The Hashihime’s witty response meter is on the fritz. Try again later, once she’s gotten sleep.


The Hashihime should sleep, but she doesn’t want to.

…. The hashihime will likely pass out at some point, so don’t be alarmed if she’s unresponsive for a while.

Anonymous whispered:
parsee more like that one fictional character you want to be happy but the few things that can give them true happiness are denied...

It gets even worse when they’re denied due to contradicting that character’s sheer existence in the first place. She’s not denying them because she wants to.

She’s denying them because even though she wants them she knows she’s now allowed to have them, and she won’t torture herself in that way.

Anonymous whispered:
Oh, there was a note on the bottom, too. 'note: do not eat. contains lust. -that other anon'

… Hashihime intuition strikes again. Glad she didn’t eat it, then.

Still, it is anons. She’ll give it to Satori or Yuugi, see if they can decipher anything about it and make sure it’s as bothersome as she feels it is.