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» A message from Anonymous:

Your character is difficult. I've heard mentioning of her vindictive side but have seen no such thing to memory, and I've been following your blog a long time. I yearn for showing rather than telling, but there seem to be no plans for such a thing to happen. It's a shame, that emptiness subtracts hugely from her character. As it is she's just a woman that has no sense of humor and only ever seems to back away from people that approach her.


[[Depends just how long you’ve been following, I’ve been around for about three years. There’s a lot of threads gone past where sides of her were shown, but even then, there’s a lot of more subtle sides and notes that I’ve noticed that got developed in the process.

If there were more chances to show her vindictive side, by all means, they would be shown. Unfortunately the right buttons have not been pressed. There’s a lot to this character that often only gets revealed on skype and not on here, due to a lack of chances tossed around here.

The vindictive side is more of a situational side of her, and without the situation it comes out in, it’s not going to show. She’s a character whose sides are dependant on how other characters approach her, and that tends to get seriously repetitive.

She’s had no interactions as of yet that warrant a hellbent revenge or for her to be a conniving person. Most of it is ‘poor bridge keep’ nonsense, because that’s all that’s ever tossed at her, so of course she’s going to be primarily backing off and hiding her other sides from you all. You don’t force her to show her more embarrassing sides. Yes, she’s embarrassed about both her softer and her more vindictive sides. That’s canonical in lore. Expand your horizons, stretch your imaginations. If you lot want to interact with her, then make her break out of that shell.

I also tend to muzzle this character’s anger, as I don’t want her lashing out when the situation doesn’t call for it. There’s a good deal of RP etiquette that muzzles her more vindictive side as it requires a lot of communication between RPers to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and what to do when she’s acting up and not thinking straight.

I’ve only had one RPer over the course of three years manage to break her out of that shell and get into into more vengeful, youkai-like thinking. Spiriting-away/returning to old roots thinking.

As for the rest of her character, I know. That’s all people ever manage to bring out of her, since a lot of scenarios tend to get repeated, and that no-nonsense and backing away is all she ever gets to do.

So far, very few people I’ve roleplayed or interacted with have pushed her limits and broken her out into her other moods and mindsets. So unfortunately, we’re all stuck with a no-nonsense grump until someone like that comes along.

If that’s going to change, and that emptiness gets filled, then I’ll need people to step out of their interaction shells and expand how they choose to interact with Parsee. I’m not a drabble writer. I’m a roleplayer. I depend on interaction in order to do things.

If you lot want me to show and not tell, then give me chances when I can show it.]]

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unmovinggreatlibrary said: That said, we still need to have Parsee and Hina interact, if only to better flesh out that relationship spot in the profile.

[[That we do. It’s too bad I’m so scatterbrained on their relationship, otherwise I’d toss Parsee at her first thing.]]

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azalea-zashiki-warashi said: At least I know now. I totally respect and agree with where you’re going with the character. Just my own foolishness of doing that. Split second decision…

[[It’s not an issue. You’re far from the first person I’ve had to warn about that. It’s best to actually just send a question or two for Parsee to answer, or something else simple like that for her to recognize and get familiar with another muse’s face, ‘cause otherwise she just gets defensive and I dislike playing a disproportionately mean Parsee.

I’ve tried multiple times to get it known that ask box rps are bad with me, but hardly anyone reads my rules or my sidebar, or even really gets the hint. So I pretty much have to deal with the unease when it happens and let them know. At least you acknowledge what happened and that you didn’t know.

And you certainly won’t be the last. Next time you decide to do a split second decision, just pester her with a question~]]

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I want  h o n e s t  opinions about how I portray my character. If there’s a constructive criticism, I’d like to read it. If you’re too shy to say it, you can tell it with the anon on. 
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Please don’t be nice to Parsee. 

She is not a muse who wants people to be nice to her. All you do when you are nice to her is kill her muse slowly. Or add to her ‘kill everyone and go on a full-fledged Hashihime rampage’ meter. Those two kinda overlap.

You can’t feed Parsee kindness cookies. She’ll never mellow out, she’ll just rip out your arm for trying to pull that one on her.

Doesn’t matter who your muse is, or how pure their intentions are. She doesn’t trust nice people, nice people take advantage of her heart and rip it to shreds as punishment for letting her believe she could trust them.

She won’t trust people approaching her with kind gestures or promises of kindness. All she sees it as is someone else trying to deceive her and kick her while she’s down.

Hell, if you approach her without the niceness and buttering up, chances are she’ll actually respect your muse more. The only reason Dark’s Suwako managed to ring through was ‘cause she pushed through Parsee’s demeanor and demanded her time, and wasn’t intimidated by her threats.

If you want Parsee to react in a kinder or more mellow demeanor, then you have to earn that respect. She doesn’t give it out for free.

I’ve repeatedly tried to show and enforce that Parsee is not a nice person. She is not as mellow as she appears. If you don’t want to respect this, then fine. But don’t blame me if Parsee attacks out of panic or rage from your kindhearted intentions. So whatever consequences are gained, you brought that upon yourself.

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» A message from azalea-zashiki-warashi:

Parsee, I was asked by someone to send you flowers. I don't know why I'm giving them to you, but here you go. *Hands you a bouquet of Persian buttercups.*



Where the kid managed to get ahold of them she really didn’t know. But people didn’t give her gifts, not unless there was an ulterior motive.

"Don’t take requests from strangers again."

"They spoke with importance in the matter, that much I knew."
She then looked down and started to walk away, but then Azalea felt a need to let Parsee know.

"The strange part is… they said you’d be jealous of the flower’s beauty if they survived too long. So they asked me for a brittle flower."

It… doesn’t seem the Hashihime cares. She’s actually getting intensely crabby that the zashiki-warashi is lingering.

"No flower is exempt from withering, they all do sooner or later. If they said I’d get jealous, then they were just making a mockery of me."

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» A message from nagashibinadeity:

*floats down the Sanzu on her round wicker raft, humming happily to herself*

The Hashihime wonders how on earth the curse goddess is staying afloat.

Only boats of shinigami are able to float in that river.

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» A message from melancholyjudgement:

As Parsee 'guards' the bridge, does she have any 'control' over it? For example, can she manipulate the bridge, whether it be material/length/et cetera? Or is the bridge just a bridge, and Parsee just a gatekeeper?

As much as she hates to admit it, she does not have full control of the bridge. She’s bound to the whims of the Bridge as anyone else is. She can do things in reguard to the bridge. The bridge is a metaphorical one, it’s physical form is only a secondary trait. 

It exists because Parsee is there to help bind it together with her existence. Without her, the bridge may crumble, and the passage to the other side may be lost.

The bridge is strengthened reguardless of the material thanks to Parsee’s presence. Both she and the bridge are stronger so long as they are in the vicinity of each other. But Parsee cannot control what the bridge itself does, or how it strengths or lengthens. Nor does the bridge have any say in what Parsee does, it’s just a bridge.

For the most part, the two act separately, but react extremely positively to each other’s presence. A bridge’s supernatural essence is weak without it’s keeper, and a hashihime is no hashihime without her bridge.

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» A message from Anonymous:

Miss Parsee, may I please cross your bridge?

"I already said no."

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» A message from Anonymous:

Does your bridge have a fixed length, or is it like the Sanzu, which changes its width based on various factors of the person crossing it?

"Well, it does cross over the Sanzu, you know. There’s a reason you can’t see the other end of the bridge."

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