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To the gloomy world || The Monster with Green Eyes  


Don’t go to the underground, Raiko.
It’s terrifying. Another world made for pariahs, covered in the ashes of its own death, empty of meaning and kidness.
As it that reproof was enough to scare her off. Curious or foolhardy, she was but herself. No one could ever retain the living taiko, and after learning the existence of a brand new world below her feet, it was only a matter of seconds before she decided to take a look into the subsurface.

Jumping into the geyser nearby the Hakurei shrine, she flew at high speed, quickly astonished by the beauty of the unworldly, gigantic place. The glimmering rock walls, gently wrought by tsuchigumos in an expert fashion, seemed to the Tsukumogami to be wild cathedrals.
She kept travelling ahead, and eventually debouched from darker and thinner tunnels to a much more spacious area. If only she knew that it wasn’t even the very first layer.

Water was rippling in the distance, echoing all around the living object. And what was that she could catch sight of? A bridge? Here? Oh - she smirked. Underground was so, so promising.
She stepped forward, suddenly shivering mostly because of an unusual feeling than because of the temperature. However, that sudden apprehension, the suspicion of being stared at, all that only made Raiko more adventurous as she was getting close to the intact-looking bridge. 
I could swear there is someone.


An eerie, silent ambiance surrounded this gloomy place, the echoing sounds of cavernous expanses settling into a distilled quiet as water weaved it’s path through wooden supports and river stones. The occasional dying breeze would whistle through red spider lilies and water flora, it’s source of creation unknown.

Such ambiance, one would think it would be louder in such a place like this, wouldn’t they? And yet such silence seems out of place, marking the area slightly off kilter, yet the reason didn’t seem to be visibly marked.

The bridge looked sturdy, holding it’s guard in spite of it’s lack of maintenance. In fact, it looked as if it was holding up fairly well despite being abandoned for so long. The light too, emitting from the river itself, illuminating the bridge and the cavern around it. Even with no crossers, the nature of this place was alive. Still alive, that is. Curiously so.

Surely an abandoned place like this would have a much softer tone to it, wouldn’t it? One which asked to rest in peace, and not to invite further into the unknown?

Most certainly, those feelings of being watched may not be unfounded. There was more to this bridge than met the eye. Or eyes in this case.

It seems the bridge’s keeper has finally decided to making her appearance, not moving from her watch by the river’s side, her voice echoing into the expansive gloom.

"State your business."

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[ same i love these two cries im proud to have an enemy on this blog srs i think that people dont do enough enemy relationships ]

[[No, they really don’t, not even amongst our own RP community.

The Touhou community has so few fight RPs, and there’s so few of us who will actively partake in battles and will let their own characters get hurt. If they’re worried about consent, then all one has to do is talk it over between the muns and set boundaries.

It’s all wonderful when everyone gets along, but the thing is that not everyone does. Conflict, along with enemies, push the characters along, and promote development to grow from the fight. 

Kinda wish I was able to have more fights and vitrolic relationships, really. Especially since Parsee’s pretty much set up for them.

'cause lord knows romantic relationships are a death trap with her.]]

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» A message from melancholyjudgement:

I think it's perfectly fine where it is, but perhaps since I've always tended to be a person who roleplays characters that are very hard to interact with/get close to; so the way you do it is reasonable. From what I see, to be honest, you actually get a lot of interactions going fairly well.

[[You sure?

I’ve had to turn down a few RP starters lately, though that was due to being over-stressed and draftbox managing. Most others I’ve talked to have expressed interest in RPing with me but lack a reason for their characters to do so.

As far as RPing with newer people in the fandom goes, I’ve hardly done anything with the more recent peeps. Most of my interactions as of late have been with some of the older rp peeps, with shenanigans or Ruler’s Seiga.

Getting them going isn’t too hard, I love winging things. I feel as if I’ve actually scared people off instead, and that they’d rather just watch instead of interact.

Our thread is still in drafts by the way, Parsee’s being a butt again.]]

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» A message from sophisticatedsuccubus:

Eh. I'm not minded by it if I'm honest. I just don't have any good ideas to your Parsee. But speaking of which. I'm kinda watching your Parsee a bit more lately. Since I'm trying to make my Benben a bit more serious.


[[I seriously need to do more research on the newer characters. I haven’t given the tsukumogami sisters enough attention, in spite of liking that they’re based off traditional musical instruments.

And that’s not a problem. Parsee’s a harder character to interact with, since she’s location bound. No-one would have any business with her at all unless they’re going underground. Which no-one in the series would have a reason for, much less even want to do.

It does put a pretty big damper on interactions, when people want to interact but either can’t thanks to the askbox either being offlimits for IC stuff- seriously, just warn me via skype before you send something, so I can curb Parsee’s anti-askbox tendancy- or due to being rebuffed by her sheer location and personality.

I’m working on trying to figure out more starter ideas for people to interact with her myself, preferably without Parsee going too far above ground, since she’d feel uncomfortable doing so. The Outside World is fine (not enough exterminators to meddle with her affairs), the Surface not so much.]]

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betterlucknexxtime said: [ dont feel that way sweetie ! i mean jinx isn’t quite like parsee but i think you do a fantastic job with her and for me personally, no matter how much parsee snarles, jinx hates her too much to ever let her go ]

[[Their relationship is definitely vitriolic, but that’s perfectly okay!

Parsee has shown so many emotions to Jinx over the course of RPing with you, that I’ve never seen her show some of them to others before. Definitely isn’t showing her emotions in earnest, but it’s definitely like she created an entirely different mask on top of her normal ones to show off to Jinx. That in itself is astounding. She’s never done that to me before, much less create a cheeky and arrogant personality mask.

I actually find it very interesting that Parsee’s managed to make someone hate her so much that they’re actually lashing back out against her. It’s definitely a new situation for her, and I’m very glad that Jinx has such a strong reaction to her, albeit a negative one.]]

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I hate that feeling that bubbles up whenever I find out I’ve persuaded other people’s muses from interacting with Parsee for some reason or another. It hurts, it feels as if I’m actively letting Parsee be too mean to other muses.

But that’s what Parsee does. She pushes, she snarls, she actively makes other muses dislike her presence or convince them to leave her alone. She’s an antisocial muse who doesn’t like people prying where she doesn’t feel that they belong.

And as a consequence, she is hurt as well when they actually listen to her and push her aside in turn. Which is what’s supposed to happen. She’s so proactive about pushing people away that she in turn is hurt by her own actions.

I’ve put countermeasures in place to let muses try and break past her masks and reveal the true colors behind them. Her aggressiveness and antisocial behavior are just a couple masks of many, it takes many sessions and interactions with Parsee to crack them and show her true self she’s hidden away.

So she is going to be mean, she’s going to push you away, she’s going to go berserk and assault you, she’s going to outright ignore you if she feels that her true intentions will be kept safe.

If she’s managed to actually push people away and convince them to leave her be, then those masks have done their job.

I hate feeling as if I should apologize for how I play my muse, especially when I know I’m playing her correctly.

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» A message from Anonymous:

*The little fairy small enough to fit in the palm of her hand came back, landing on the railing once more as she fired a really small single Danmaku shot at her.*

What have we learned about taking cheap shots at the Parsee? Shouldn’t it already be common knowledge that a few bullets shot will be met with ten times the force in return?

This is not fairy territory, they should learn that soon.

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Everyone’s picking fights with each other again. Have they really got little so else to do?

Not that she’s complaining. By all means. Entertain her.

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» A message from randomtengureporter:

Oh, you don't have to get up, Parsee; Mika's is taking care of bridge guarding duty for you. Why? Why not. "Don't worrrrry, Miss Bridgee! I'll guard your silly bridge so you can nap!" See? Everything's covered. Know what else is covered? The bridge. With crayon drawings. It's a good day.

She’s up, she’s up! Now shoo!

The Hashihime is giving a very panicked screech, grabbing for the tengu child. Some parental figures will need to have a talking to about letting their child roam at will.

Why is it always her? Why can they never leave her bridge in peace?

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The Hashihime could get up now….

Or she could get up later.


She’s not sure yet.